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End Racism and Hate: Your Right. Your Responsibility.

What’s Happening Around BC

Black Trailblazers in B.C. and Canada | Mini Lesson #3

Posted on August 10, 2022

Let’s focus on the Black Trailblazers who have made a significant impact on the history of these lands. Understanding that history informs the present – we can bridge the gap between the rich history of the lands that are colonially known as Canada and how this history shows up in present day structures and attitudes.

“Black History month is also a time to reclaim our history and control the narrative. Also to reflect on the progress we have made throughout the years and shine a light on the organizations and individuals who are continuing the work of our ancestors.” – Donneil McNab

By educating ourselves on the work of Black Trailblazers in BC and across the country, both historically and in present day, we take a step in ensuring equity for all. It’s important to note that racist behaviors and biases are often a byproduct of the systems we live within. By reflecting on how we have internalized racism and hateful ideals we bring our unconscious biases into view. This is critical, as our unconscious biases do real harm.

A final thank you to speakers Donneil, Venecia and Ruth for speaking about your lived experiences and wisdom in all of these BHM mini-lessons. You are appreciated.