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End Racism and Hate: Your Right. Your Responsibility.

Report a Hate Crime

Report An Emergency Hate Crime

To report an emergency, call 911.

Emergency circumstances involving a hate crime include:

  • A crime in progress;
  • An immediate threat to your safety;
  • An immediate threat to the safety of someone else; or
  • Property in immediate danger of a criminal act.

Report A Non-Emergency Hate Crime

To make a report, call the non-emergency number for your local police department, or visit your local police department to make a report in person. Find your local police department or RCMP detachment here.

Non-emergency circumstances involving hate crime include:

  • You are the victim of a hate crime, but there is no immediate threat to your safety;
  • Someone else is the victim of a hate crime, but there is no immediate threat to safety;
  • Internet or social media posts that include threats, promote hate, or indicate a criminal act against a person or property; or
  • A property was targeted by a hate crime.

Why It’s Important To Report

Every British Columbian has the right to feel safe and to live their lives in the absence of fear or threat. The first step to create communities free from violence, racism and discrimination, is to report hate crimes. We have the right and the responsibility to take action against hate activity to keep our communities safe.

If you are a target or a witness to an incident of racism or hate, report it to the police. Don’t let hate have a place in BC.

If You Are Unsure What You Experienced Or Witnessed Is A Hate Crime, Report It Too

To report a hate incident, or if you are unsure whether a hate crime has occurred, call your local police department, using the non-emergency number. You can also go to the police station and make a report in person.

Reporting any incident, no matter how minor it may seem, is very important. Your reports can help police and community partners better target prevention, education and outreach initiatives in your community. Reports can also help identify social trends and prevent possible escalation to crime.

Contact Numbers

BC Hate Crimes

BC Hate Crimes is a provincial resource that provides assistance and support to local police departments investigating hate crimes and hate incidents. For more information, contact BC Hate Crimes.


Phone (toll free): 1-855-462-5733